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Believe In Your Infinite Potential

I have something to say. I am enough. I bring something unique to the table. My work matters. I have said it before and I’ll say it again.  Actually, I really can’t say it enough.  Those of us who answer creativity’s call know that making a living through our art

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All In Good Time

Today I want to talk about time: how we can use it to best enable our processes and prevent the abstractness of it from creating illusions that inhibit our abilities. Let me start with a confession: I tend to rush to complete things. Taking my time feels tied to my

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Love Your True Colors Challenge: Reflection

And that’s a wrap on the Love Your True Colors Challenge!  Thank you so much to everyone who participated.  I had a great time working alongside you all this week, looking inward and giving ourselves the gift of self-love.  I am so grateful that so many of you decided to

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Love Your True Colors Challenge

I am so excited to introduce the “Love Your True Colors Challenge”, starting tomorrow and continuing throughout the week. In my last post, I talked about how I plan to spend the “month of love” focusing on self-love and how I want you to join me.  My personal rebrand of

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Love Is In The Air

Hello February! It’s officially the “month of love” but I will be honest: I’m not big on Valentine’s Day. I have always found it a bit contrived. This year, though, I decided to use the spirit of love that comes with this season and apply it in a way that

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Time to Take Action

In December we set some goals and throughout January, we’ve been adjusting, revising and getting really clear on those goals. Now it’s time to solidify an action plan, envision the year ahead and take the opportunity to plan out your path for success!  There are many questions to ask yourself,

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Stay Creative All Year With These 8 Tools

Paintbrushes.  Vocal exercises.  Camera lenses.  Every creative, regardless of medium, has tools that are essential in bringing their inspiration to life.  Without these tools, their work would cease to exist.  The same can be said for our personal tools, the things that help us stay clear on our goals and

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Just Take The First Step

Last week, we dove deep into the process of goal-setting and finding the method that works best for you. Now that we’ve honed in on our goals, it’s time to focus on creating a plan to help us achieve them. When embarking on the journey toward accomplishing a new goal,

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Happy New Year! Now What?

Happy New Year, friends!  Now that the ball has dropped and the champagne has fizzled, it’s time to say an enthusiastic goodbye to 2020 and look ahead to the coming year.  Let’s talk goals.  I think we can all agree that brainstorming our goals tends to be easy. Coming up

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Following Joy Into 2021

As the year continues to wind down and we finish our journeys of self-reflection, it’s time to start turning toward the future. 2021, what will you have in store for us? I’m such a huge believer in self-reflection because it helps me find clarity in my future plans. Whatever your

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3 Ways Boundaries Help Creatives

Ah, the holiday season is upon us!  Such a wonderfully joyful time, but also a tricky season to navigate.  We constantly have a million things on our minds and there can be tremendous anxiety to show our friends and family our best selves. And I know this holiday season in

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Inspired Gifts for Creatives

Everyone likes to give a gift that gets a “WOW!” Sometimes finding one can be a challenge, especially when the recipient is someone as unique as the gift. Whether you’re looking to give an acquaintance something thoughtful or surprise someone special with a gift they’ll really love, I’ve put together

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Bravely Original

I Am Me.This strange sentence has become a guiding beacon for me over time. I am me. What does that even mean? I first came across this odd little sentence in a voice class in my acting program a few years ago. We were taught to hum 3 notes on

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Swinging Between Two States and Who I Serve

As a business owner, you’re supposed to pick a niche and to figure out exactly who you serve. For that exercise I came up with 2 people I affectionately named Madison and Ian. Madison is a professional with a capital P! She is driven, a perfectionist, in control and structured.

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Follow Your Joy: Find Your Flavor of Creativity

Creativity; it can feel so elusive. At times, when you need it most, it’s almost like it’s hiding from you. You call out for it but, the longer you do, the further away it seems. If that’s not frustrating, I don’t know what is. I want to make it clear

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