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Love Is In The Air

Hello February! It’s officially the “month of love” but I will be honest: I’m not big on Valentine’s Day. I have always found it a bit contrived. This year, though, I decided to use the spirit of love that comes with this season and apply it in a way that

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Time to Take Action

In December we set some goals and throughout January, we’ve been adjusting, revising and getting really clear on those goals. Now it’s time to solidify an action plan, envision the year ahead and take the opportunity to plan out your path for success!  There are many questions to ask yourself,

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Stay Creative All Year With These 8 Tools

Paintbrushes.  Vocal exercises.  Camera lenses.  Every creative, regardless of medium, has tools that are essential in bringing their inspiration to life.  Without these tools, their work would cease to exist.  The same can be said for our personal tools, the things that help us stay clear on our goals and

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Following Joy Into 2021

As the year continues to wind down and we finish our journeys of self-reflection, it’s time to start turning toward the future. 2021, what will you have in store for us? I’m such a huge believer in self-reflection because it helps me find clarity in my future plans. Whatever your

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