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I'm Esma!

Just like you, I'm a creative who's dedicated to my craft. I'm an actor and screenwriter, a singer and songwriter. I am also an entrepreneur and a business woman. I love to watch films and TV shows, travel, ski, and create.

I absolutely love this life of mine—which may, at first glance, seem to be divided into two competing camps: creativity and business. But it hasn’t always been this way. 

I once felt that I had turned my back on my creativity, abandoning it for the business path I was “supposed” to follow.

This path felt hollow and empty, so I set out to create the life I wanted to live. In doing so, I discovered systems and techniques creatives can use to design and sustain the artistic life you want and deserve, and that is how Bravely Original® was born.

I'd love to work with you!

I've been in your shoes. After earning an MBA from Columbia University and building a successful career running a prominent retail brand, I realized I had followed the path laid out for me but denied the creativity that gave my life purpose.

I reinvigorated myself, fanning my creative spark by graduating from the prestigious New York Meisner Acting Conservatory, Maggie Flanigan Studio and then building a life and business centered around living my artistic purpose.

By bringing these two sides of myself together I have created a life I love and built a platform to support other creatives seeking to live their truth. As a Kaizen-Muse creativity coach, I now passionately share insights on the creative process, embracing originality, facing fear, business processes and systems, entertainment, dealing with rejection, and storytelling.

I have taken a lifetime of setbacks, challenges, struggles, and happiness, and instilled them into simple, yet powerful, lessons that will help anyone be Bravely Original®. As a Kaizen-Muse certified creativity coach, I’m a stand for connection, and I have personally worked with hundreds of individuals to help them feel accepted, included, and worthy no matter what.

Ultimately, I'm a real-life creative who knows what it takes to build the life you love, and I'm on a mission to help as many people as possible do exactly that.

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See me in action...

I’ve tailored my YouTube channel and Instagram to feature videos, photos, and insights from my life as a creative. They follow my ups and downs, and detail principles of how to be successful and fulfilled as an artist. 

Like yours, my path is not linear—that’s what makes it an interesting story! I’m a goofy, truthful, heartfelt dreamer, who embraces being Bravely Original®. I’m driven to inform, inspire, and normalize everyone’s creative process. 

BE YOU! And Creativity Will Naturally Follow

Constantly wearing a mask and trying to hide who you really are to live up to the expectations others have put on you is exhausting. I've been there. I lived in fear that I would be discovered as something different than I projected, and I know the bone-tired feeling of trying to be someone else every. single. day.

Being with other creatives is what saved me. I saw how they were true to themselves, what that looked like, and how it felt, and I wanted it. I wanted it bad. 

I found the courage to stand up and do the hard internal work of rediscovering myself, taking off the mask, and learning to step into who I am as a creative. 

(...and, spoiler, it's not a linear path! It takes two steps forward and one step back to see slow progress.)

Now that I’ve found the freedom, joy, and creativity of living on the other side, I am on a mission to bring that freedom to others—just like you. Together, you and I will blaze a new trail of self-discovery in your life: one of honesty, acceptance, and reflection that leads to your core artistic truth. 

I believe in disrupting any self-sabotage, doubt, or perfectionism, and I’ll help you discover who you are and how to live into that truth. Because when you can truly Be You your creativity will naturally flow. 

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If you have ever done any type of creative work (in other words, if you are human), you know how frustrating it can be to feel like there's an invisible wall between you and your creative pursuits.

That’s why I created 4 Steps to Conquer Creative Blocks. In this 4-part video course, I teach you how to identify, assess, and work through your own creative blocks, as well as manage external challenges along your creative path.